Sunday, June 30, 2019

Club Reports: The Beacham, Independent Bar

We here at the Blog try to visit every venue at least once per quarter.  So with the 2nd quarter of 2019 rapidly coming to an end, we were overdue for a Saturday night at The Beacham.
We wanted to check the status of the Beacham's two new "skyboxes".
Located directly above the two stage bars, they will allow unsurpassed views of whatever is happening on stage as well as of the dance floor below. Neither appeared to be operational as of yet.
DJ D-Strong (USA) had opened the night but the Saturday night late shift is operated by.....
DJ Richie Rich (USA) and MC Yung Scholar (USA).
The place fills quickly on weekend nights!
The music primarily Hip Hop and R&B.
There's nothing else like it in Orlando!
The crowd will be similar-sized this coming Wednesday night though.....
.....for the 3rd edition of "These Are The Breaks" ft. DJ Icey (USA), Stanton Warriors (GB), John Debo (USA), Lee Coombs (GB) and many more. Details here.
You know by now if it's at all possible on a Saturday night, I'm going to visit I-Bar!
DJ KC Cuts (USA) was in the booth.
The early dance floor. But there was a line at the door as I came inside.
And the floor went from this..... this in a matter of minutes!
Spotted on the dance floor: Dana with DJ Jerry the Reverend Johnson (USA) from Kush Ultralounge and Maxine's on Shine.
Spotted on the dance floor: DJ Rob (USA) from Independent Bar.
Spotted with the zoom lens: Doc John
Spotted from above: DJ Mathew Scot (USA) from Iron Cow. Speaking of which, IC has a huge show this coming Friday night featuring DJ duo Pig & Dan (E).  Advance tickets here.
Spotted in VIP: Dana surrounded by (clockwise from left) DJ Jerry the Reverend Johnson, DJ Smilin' Dan from Remix Records, Michelle, DJ Cliff T from Aero Bar and DJ Parry from The Patio.
The Saturday night music format is 80's New Wave and it always draws a crowd!
KC Cuts alter ego is DJ Kimball Collins (USA) and he leads-off the festivities with DJ Dave Cannalte (USA) this Wednesday night at The Beacham. It's going to be all Old Skool Breaks. Unless you have to work on the 4th of July, you need to be there on the 3rd of July!
Last night, a good time was had by all.

Saturday, June 29, 2019

Club Reports: Studio 27, Bar B, Celine

You remember it as Native Social Bar, but it's reopened at least temporarily as Studio 27.
The huge Native sign that previously adorned this wall is gone.
But the main DJ booth is still in place. Some of the big names we've seen at Native include Icey (USA), Reid Speed (USA), Friction (GB) & Chris Garcia (E).
What I'm told is that a new leasor has taken over the 4 spaces that previously housed V-Group's Native Social Bar, Club 23, OakRoom and the wonderful, hidden Sound Bar. They will be reopening later this summer with new names and concepts.
Excited to see some new activity along Church Street and we'll keep you apprised of what is happening in these spaces!
Now over to Bar B, another relatively hidden gem of a club.
Friday night means DJ Jimmy Joslin (USA) in the perch.
Last night he was jamming to mostly Progressive House during my visit but you'll also hear a lot of Old Skool and Classic Dance in here!
Next Friday night is the annual DJ Sandy (USA)  birthday party Party and Bar B will be packed as DJ's such as Andy Hughes (USA) and Tooltime (USA) join Jimmy and Sandy for a crazy night of "Old Skool Jamz".
Rounding the night out as I often do, at Celine.
Straight upstairs to the rooftop where DJ Cappuccino (USA) was delivering a lot of Dirtybird-style House.
This open-air panacea of Dance music was packed!
Then downstairs to the main room.
To hear the end of an amazing House set from 19-yr old DJ Delia Rozano (USA).
The dance floor was packed down here too!

 And then finally at 1:20AM, the headliner we were all waiting for!
DJ Hannah Wants (GB).
And she would go nearly all Vocal House on us!
The peeps want House music!
Spotted near the stage: Christian Christian
Spotted on the dance floor: Donna & Erick
Week after week, Celine continues to be home to so many great international DJ events!
Hannah plays at Ravine in Atlanta tonight before her festival show at Electric Forest in Michigan on Sunday.
Far exceeded expectations! A good time was had by all.

Thursday, June 27, 2019

DS Update: The Return of Rewind

A few years ago when the crazy-famous Sunday night Service Industry Nights (SIN) at House of Blues got axed, a lesser-known weekly DJ event also was cancelled. And that was the Thursday night "Rewind". Subsequently, DJ Magic Mike (USA) has been able to deliver his Sunday night show (without the SIN brand) on select holiday weekends. And we're pleased to report that earlier this summer "Rewind" has been able to return as a weekly recurring event at HOB as well!

Taking place every Thursday night unless another band concert is booked, DJ Rincon (USA) returns to his role at "Rewind" and is joined by DJ Ish (USA). This is something to check out at House of Blues in Disney Springs, Lake Buena Vista.