Tuesday, December 12, 2017

PI Update: Missing DJ Peapod

Everyone had a favorite DJ at Mannequins and it usually had to do which night(s) you frequented the club. Dominick Morrison was the Monday - Wednesday night DJ while the Thursday night cast member night was all about Dave Cannalte. But for those of us who were regulars on Friday and Saturday (or Sunday) nights, the booth was dominated by DJ Peapod.  We heard from him last week and he's still living in upstate New York but sadly not doing much DJ'ing.
A month after the Pleasure Island clubs closed in September, 2008, we were excited to learn Peapod might be DJ'ing at The Groove in Universal CityWalk. That could have been huge but the deal fell through when Peapod rejected the terms! 
He had come close to a deal with AJ's group to have a Wednesday night gig at TG.  That fell through when they allegedly would only promise him a 3-week tryout yet still require him to purchase $1M in liability insurance. In addition, his Wednesday night gig would require him to add Hip Hop to his playlist. Peapod told them that he wasn't a "Motion DJ" and walked away from it. Gotta love his conviction!
Peapod has released many mix albums over the years but my absolute favorite was released in October, 2006 and was called "Proud".  If you've got 60 minutes, close your eyes, step on the revolving dance floor in 2006 and click here: Proud  

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