Tuesday, December 5, 2017

DS Update: Fail!

To our knowledge there has been 3 store failures since Disney Springs expanded its shopping offerings a couple years ago.
Two of them have been right here along Hill StreetSound Lion was the first to close and it was replaced by Savannah Bee Company.  Next door, Apex by Sunglass Hut was replaced with a different concept owned by the same company, Oakley. Not pictured, the third failure was a Vince Camuto Shoe store in the Town Center. That closure was reportedly part of a nationwide shutdown of all their stores.
In my opinion, the tree planters along the side of Hill Street block views of these stores along the incline and their thus make the shops easy to overlook.


Anonymous said...

nothing will last very long!
well cause things COST way tooooo much! and for me I hope the whole place FAILS! and becomes a GHOST town!

KingBob said...

The stores there tend to be on the expensive side, that is true.

Anonymous said...

Just think, how good a few well placed nightclubs would do in there.
You can see, the food and beverage leads by lets call it 3 to 1 in sales..
Isn't much of a stretch to think that a nightly dinner show (adventures?) would have raked it in.
Having a dance music venue would have raked it in some more.

Jeff - Seattle said...

Even the wealthiest of the wealthy are realizing that Amazon.com is a better option. Look for more of the same in terms of closures moving forward....