Friday, December 22, 2017

Downtown Update: Goodbye To Venue 578

Originally a Texaco gas station and Firestone Tire dealership (Link), The Club at Firestone > Firestone Live > Venue 578 is never more.  While it appears its iconic exterior will remain, the interior is being gutted and will emerge as a new concert venue called Vanguard.
So let's step inside and see what's going on!
Looking to the left in the main room, we see downstairs the main bar in the distance and The Den section to the left where a different DJ often performed. Those stairs led up to that glassed-in area called The Loft where another bar was located.
Looking from the stage towards the rear, yet another DJ would often play upstairs in The Loft behind the now missing glass window. Down below, the bathrooms.
To the near right is the location of the main stage, in the middle is the VIP bar and all the way in the back and upstairs, the lighting tech booth.  It's our understanding that the new stage will be moved to where the VIP bar is/was located and then there will be a wrap-around upper deck similar to how House of Blues in Disney Springs is situated.  

From the front door, looking directly at the rear wall where the VIP bar used to be along with the stairs that led up to the club's Green Room. We're told the reopening will take place in April. So many great memories in there!

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