Sunday, December 10, 2017

Concert Report: Visage Reunion (Independent Bar)

It was no ordinary Saturday night at Independent Bar last night. Instead of the usual, I-Bar became home to the Visage Reunion!
Unlike last year when I didn't show up until after midnight, I arrived early this year. Didn't matter though because I arrived to this madness!
I-Bar resident Lighting Tech Ernie in the booth with the creator of Visage, DJ Paul Vaine (USA).
Visage itself predates my moving to Orlando but it was a club in the early 90's on north OBT that is now a doctor's office!
The music was a mix of darker Industrial and the staple Saturday night I-Bar format of 80's New Wave.
Like the AAHZ Reunion that took place last month at The Beacham, last night's event brought out the older crowd hoping to relive the old days!
Spotted in VIP: Tracy
Spotted in General Admission: Karen & Ed
Spotted by the bar: Former I-Bar resident DJ Rob (USA) with Tampa's DJ Nemesis (USA).
Spotted by the dance floor: DJ Leony (USA)
Spotted on the dance floor: Blog-favorite Angie.
Spotted on the dance floor: Lynette & Adam
Spotted at the bar: Mauricio and DJ Jerry The Reverend (USA). You can see The Rev this Friday night opening for Kimball Collins at the new Iron Cow.  You can see Mauricio and his band Prophecy at his NYE Block Party on Court Street downtown. Details.
The Blog has followed Paul Vaine from his Friday night Venue 13 residency at 11/12 Lounge on Lee Road to his alternate locations at Lyrica downtown, Chakra Ultra Lounge by UCF, Club Asylum on the SOB Trail & Bombshells in Lockhart. Sadly, all we get of him now is this annual event at I-Bar and that is unacceptable!
2AM and the club was still packed!

 Sources say the club capacity of 700 was reached several times and they had to hold the line until others departed.
The crowd size shows that there is a demand for Paul Vaine to do this more than just once per year!
A good time was had by all!

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Tina Vaine (via Facebook) said...

Thanks so much for the great pics and kind words. Paul was stunned when I read it to him.