Friday, December 29, 2017

Club Reports: The Social, Monkey Bar

I don't get out too often on Thursday nights but this DJ concert at The Social was going to be too good to pass up!
Arrived around 11PM to find DJ Dominick Morrison (USA) in the booth!
The bar area was already packed!
And the dance floor pit was filling up!
The Dom delivering a nearly all Vocal House set!
We'll see him again on Sunday night doing a more EDM set for NYE at EPCOT: China!
Spotted by the bar: Adriana & Anthony
Spotted by the dance floor: Rey & Stacey
Spotted looking as colorful as ever: Sage
And then taking over at 12:10AM...........
DJ Nora en Pure (CH)
Dance floor mobbed now!
Club packed to the rafters!
The first thirty minutes or so was straight House but then she went Deep House on us!

 And the crowd went wild!

 Spotted: Dana. You can never go wrong with Go Go girls! 
I first saw Nora en Pure play at Studio Paris in Chicago and I was hooked!
Finally giving us her biggest hit "U Got My Body"!
A good time was had by all!
But wait, there's more!  Quick visit to Monkey Bar!
Resident DJ Rob Prynge (USA) with guest DJ Chad Andrew (USA/D).
Milling about the bar.
And a full dance floor here too!
Spotted on the dance floor: I don't know their names but I see them often!
Chad Andrew is based in Berlin and it was good to see him on the home turf!
House music every Thursday, Friday & Saturday night at Monkey Bar! A good time was had by all here too!

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