Friday, April 10, 2015

PI Update: The Boathouse Soft Opening

The Boathouse Restaurant held their soft opening last night on Pleasure Island.  Construction walls are still standing but people can peek in via the porthole. But they opened one section of the wall for those attending the soft opening.
Everyone else could look inside via the porthole and see it was dress rehearsal for the amphicars too.
They were not operating though last night.  When the venue opens next week, a 20-minute ride will cost $100 for up to 3 passengers.  They provide the skipper.
Blog reader CJ was an invited guest and provided us with this picture and those below!
It is called the Boathouse!
One of the bars inside.
Another view.
Inside stage area with musical entertainment last night.
Lots of wall decorations.
All authentic items.  Creator Steve Schussler has no doubt collected these items for years!
Seafood platter.
Tuna burger.
A massive $40 dessert!  But a good time was had by all.  Thank you so much CJ for reporting for the Blog!


Anonymous said...

Didn't expect this place to be cheap but wasn't expecting premium steakhouse prices either. $40 for a dessert? Seriously?

Ace said...

Anonymous at 4/10/15 - that's "resort experience" pricing. The same high prices recently premiered at the new Trader Sam's as well. Unfortunately, for Disney's cocktails, the high prices don't necessarily guarantee the purchase is worth the cost. The Disney desserts, however, tend to be much more "hit" than "miss" in my opinion. And for $40 it is likely intended to be shared by a group of 4 or 5.

KingBob said...

You are correct, Ace!