Thursday, April 23, 2015

PI Update: Around The Boathouse

Save Pleasure Island Blog posted exclusive pictures of the inside of The Boathouse two weeks ago during their soft opening for invited guests....prior to any other news organization getting inside.
So we were pleased to return and mill about the place for awhile now that it's open to the public.
One of several boats or boat sections that make up the dining room.
Light musical entertainment taking place on a beautiful afternoon.
Lots of excitement about today's opening of Dockside Margaritas but another venue to enjoy a few cold ones is the similarly named Dockside Bar at The Boathouse.
A number of people have already discovered it!
Some of the older pleasure craft docked at the marina.
Of course much of the buzz about this place are the Amphicar rides that will soon be offered.
Rides will last 20-minutes and will cost $125 for up to 3 passengers and a skipper.  I was told that sales tax is extra and there is a AP discount.
I think this will be a real winner!
Tickets will be sold in the Ship's Store.
As is lots of other Boathouse logo merchandise! Come check it out!

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Anonymous said...

I can't wait to drink a ton of margaritas and then go out on some of those car-boats! As long as I lean over the side far enough they should be ok with me in my state of margarita joyousness.