Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Mannequins Memories - Never More

This is what Mannequins looked like in mid-2008.
It did.  But it really never got crankin' until after 10:30PM.
Unless it was a slow night, this elevator would wisk you up to the 2nd Floor where you would begin your adventure.
Showing that one Mouse hand often did not know what the other Mouse hand was doing, this LED display greeted clubbers arrival on the 2nd Floor as soon as the elevator doors opened.  It was installed just months before they announced the club was closing.
When there were long lines out front to get in, one could often come around to the side and enter in here.  Especially if you knew the door host!
Never more.


Anonymous said...

Mannequins Dance Palace was the best thing Disney ever did and closing it was the worst thing they ever did.

Anonymous said...

I miss Motion AND 8-Trax more

Brian said...

back in the early years Mannequins opened at 8pm Dance and light show at 9:30 pm! but back then Disney (PI) had a 3am liquor license. as Mannequins would close at 2:30 2:45!

Anonymous said...

Back then Disney provided entertainment for young adults. Now it's just strollers and bowlers. Or should I say shoppers and diners.

Thommy Sandvick said...

I actually went on Youtube last night with my apple TV and started watching MDP videos. There have been a lot of them added with some various viewpoints. I was once again in complete awe of what they place was able to accomplish, which of course only makes me miss it that much more.

Anonymous said...

It's blasphemy what they did to Mannequins Dance Palace. When I get in charge I shall hunt them all down and fire every last one of them!