Friday, June 20, 2014

USA Today 10 Best Nightlife Options

Newspaper USA Today is offering a top 10 list of nightlife options in several cities around the country so I was intrigued about their selections for Orlando.  I'll leave off selections 9 & 10, both comedy clubs, and summarize their top 8 instead:

1) One80 Grey Goose Lounge - In my top ten too but not number one, the Blog has covered this club numerous times since they opened.  The link goes to my first visit in April, 2011.

2) The Wine Room - This Park Avenue establishment features wine-delivering vending machines! The Blog stopped here one time back in September, 2010.

3) Kush Ultralounge - More of a speakeasy type of atmosphere featuring hookahs, arrived here with a group one time but no appointment and no getting in.

4) Parliament House - Orlando's gay resort, P-House is home to an annual "PI@PH" event that recreates the days of Pleasure Island!

5) Independent Bar - Now you're talking!  I-Bar is getting deserved recognition!  Hard to link to any one visit because there's been so many so we'll settle on this one in 2013.

6) The Matador - featuring craft cocktails, I've never been to the place.

7) The Venue - a nightlife venue that features Burlesque right here in Orlando!

8) Jazz Tastings - located in Maitland where Copper Rocket used to be, have not been here either as it's more of a band place, not a DJ place.

Check out the entire article here for full details.  USA Today did a great job!


71 said...

I think it's telling that none of those are anywhere near the "touristy" area of Orlando. All basically cater to downtown/Seminole County, maybe UCF.

There is a huge market between WDW, Universal and the OCCC. And it is currently underserved.

KingBob said...

71, I agree.....huge market in the tourist area. A lot of new stuff is on the way though.