Sunday, February 10, 2013

Club Reports: CityWalk Plaza, Independent Bar

You saw how relatively spartan Pleasure Island looked like Friday night.  Now lets check out CityWalk!
On the Plaza main stage, lost in the fog, DJ Smooth & DJ G-Clef!
Packed crowd dancing to line dances and EDM!
This is an every Saturday night feature down on the waterfront from 6pm to 10pm!
Wobble baby wobble!
Out of the fog, DJ Smooth (,, XM Radio, Pat O'Briens) and Pleasure Islander DJ G-Clef (BET Soundstage, Motion, Celebrate Tonight, Red Coconut Club, Bob Marley's).
And a good time was had by all!

Meanwhile up in the CityWalk club district, the balcony at Pat O'Brien's was jammed with revelers.  It can only mean one thing....Mardi Gras is back at Universal!

You gotta dance to earn those beads.

And a fine looking crowd on hand too!
Heading downtown.  Special thanks to OPD for the private escort along I-4.  They knew I had to get to I-Bar before 11pm when the cover charge sets in!
Independent Bar on Saturday night with 80's New Wave!
DJ Dem Rok in the booth putting out the 80's hits we all know so well.
Dance floor was pretty jammed!
Different music formats on different nights but Saturdays are always packed!
Spotted: DJ Stefan (Rage Room at 11/12 Lounge, Independent Bar), Lighting Tech Ernie (Independent Bar) hanging with former Miss Orlando CJ.
Spotted: DJ Indie John (Independent Bar, Barbarella - Tampa, Barbarella - Austin) on the dance floor!
If you love early to mid-80's early-MTV-style music, this is the place!
And a good time was had by all!  (Sorry kind of blurry!)

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Ken said...

City Walk rocked last night outside in front of Pat O'Briens. There was a DJ located up in the balcony of Pat O' Briens playing dance music until midnight. Disco Duke, myself and bunch of other adults were out there dancing and catching beads from the Pat O' Brien balcony patrons.