Saturday, July 20, 2013

Mango's Is Coming To Orlando

Anyone who has ever spent an evening restaurant or club-hopping on South Beach has invariably stumbled across Mango's Tropical Cafe.  The loud music, girls dancing on the bar and the Michael Jackson tributes always catch the attention of passersby!  Well Mango's is coming to Orlando and will open in 2014.  It's to be located at 2102 International Drive which is just south of Sand Lake Road (SR 482) on the west side of the street.  This is across International Drive from where the new I-Drive Live & I-Shops will be located.  As you can see from the concept art, the 3-story venue will also feature a rooftop dance club!  I-Drive keeps getting better and better and this will draw from Disney guests unless Disney puts some nightlife in Disney Springs!


71 said...

I-Drive is quickly morphing into the new Church Street (1980s tourist version, not 2000s UCF frat boy version). Seems like a new cool spot opens every month.

Mickey, you can't compete with Potter up the street. At least make an effort to compete with I-Drive while you still can. Wristbands and T-shirts with pictures of said wristbands ain't gonna cut it, mouse!

KingBob said...

71, you are correct about I-Drive. Just a plethora of new venues have opened there in just the past few years....with more coming.

Tom Staggs went out of his way to answer the question posted on the Disney Blog and promised guests that Disney Springs would include adult nightlife. Sure hope it's more than bars located in restaurants like we have now at Rainforest Cafe. If that's all that's coming then Disney should expect even more of their guests to flee the property at night. From LBV I-Drive is just a couple exits away.

We also understand that the contract with Swan/Dolphin regarding Atlantic Dance Hall expires in 2014. Wouldn't surprise me for Disney to jettison that too.

Ace said...

I've spent quite a bit of time in Mango's in South Beach. It's truly a fun place to hang out. But will the "intimacy" of Mango's in South Beach scale up to the size planned for I-Drive and still retain what makes it so successful in Miami? I'll go out on a limb a bit and call this a very big gamble. I'll definitely check it out.

KingBob said...

Good question, Ace. The Orlando Mango's is going to huge compared to the one on Ocean Drive.