Monday, February 22, 2010

PI Update: Is Celebrate Tonight Ending?

Those people who publish the Disney Guidemaps often seem to know what's coming and going before anything official is ever announced. Guidemaps are issued throughout the year so that visitors have the latest information. By studying them you can sometimes see existing attractions disappear and new ones appear. For instance, last year we saw Starabilias disappear off the Downtown Disney Guidemap before anything about them was announced.

If you look at the 11/09 edition of the DTD Guidemap (above left) you can plainly see Celebrate Tonight listed (improperly listed as Celebration Tonight). Well the 2/10 edition was recently issued (above right) and its gone. Oversight? Perhaps, but it took deliberate effort to remove the dot off the map, the listing corresponding to that dot and then renumber everything else. Is Celebrate Tonight's run coming to an end? What are YOU celebrating?


Matt Roseboom said...

I wonder what company prints all Disney's maps. And do they have to sign a nondisclosure agreement.

Anonymous said...

I know that fedex-office prints the times for opening and closing time for the parks and Disney parade schedules they give them to the employees so if someone asks what time for whatever? now as for the maps am not sure????

Anonymous said...

The Celebrate Tonight show was supposed to be the DD version of last years What Are You Celebrating theme of WDW...It was never planned to last past January 31, 2010

zulemara said...

good bye and GOOD RIDDANCE(as miss piggy would say)

If it does indeed end(their intentions, and what actually happens are frequently 2 different things) I will wear a button that says I'm celebrating the end of celebrate tonight!

The Legend said...

While us old PI fans didn't care for it, I think the average "Joe Tourist" family that walked by tended to enjoy it.

Hopefully it's possible end will be the sign of SOMETHING finally starting to happen with the island.

KingBob said...

It could be that the construction wall that they have to put in place to tear down BET and AC will have to extend out into the Celebrate Tonight area. To allow foot traffic to pass by, Celebrate Tonight has to come to an end.