Sunday, February 21, 2010

PI Update: Demolition Coming Soon?

If I'm going to take the blame for bringing Illinois weather to Orlando last month then I'm sure as heck going to take credit for bringing Puerto Rico weather here. Beautiful mid-70's Orlando day today. And what better place to hang out than Pleasure Island!

Is demolition nearing for the Adventurers Club/Soundstage building? A few months ago Soundstage was stripped of electronics and lighting and Adventurers Club had its major artifacts removed off the walls and supposedly shipped to Hong Kong Disneyland. A few items remained but sources confirm that everything else was removed this past Thursday and loaded onto trucks. Included was the removal of the famous "Come in a Stranger, Leave a Little Stranger" sign. The file photo above shows what it looked like and as you can see, it's now gone!

Elsewhere on the island, a good look at how bushes and planters at Celebration Plaza completely hide the entrance to what was Comedy Warehouse. But get this: Sources say that some kind of interactive comedy WILL be returning to PI! I have no details. Meanwhile, back on the Waterfront behind Mannequins, all the new boards and the rest of the Waterfront Stage have been freshly painted. So there must be future plans for this small venue. Maybe they're bringing back Hip Kitty or Frankie & the West End Boys!

As reported yesterday, Vinylmation is a new store going into where Planet Hollywood On Location operated until February 1st at DTD West Side. Will these little 3" vinyl figurines be the new Beanie Babies of this decade? They are kind of cute but hardly cuddly. And there were a few shelves of them for sale at the DisneyQuest Gift Shop but there were no mobs fighting for them. They're $9.95 each. An entire store of these?


Brian said...

Ghost Island!

EL VEJACO said...

To whom it may concern,for those of you that believe that all is lost think again.Remember how I asked everyone to purchase one disney share/stock and that share-holders have a say in disney co. matters just look at Los Angeles Times report march 10,2009 where a shareholders group said they want say on executive compensation.That means we must come together as a group and organize.Sign petitions that come from shareholders so everyone is heard at next years disney shareholders meeting. If your willing to spend money at Disney.then let your voices be heard.Walt Disney said if you can dream it you can live it. Never give up !