Sunday, April 22, 2018

Concert Report: Yellow Claw (Gilt Nightclub)

 Dropped by Peek Downtown first last night because you can never go wrong with an all-girl DJ line-up!
 DJ Love Lee (GB) was in the booth when I arrived playing a great House set!

Sadly I couldn't stick around long because I needed to get to Gilt. But I did catch the first song played from DJ Alpha (USA) which was the always-amazing roller-coaster song "Stop It" from Fisher (AUS).
Then over to Gilt!
Only 11:30PM and already impassable!
DJ Nela (USA) had just come on when I got there.
She would play a 90-minute set that was mostly Heavy Bass but she mixed-in Dubstep, Trap & EDM songs throughout.
Rocket Man passed through. Far exceeds Techno Larry's get-up at Mannequins but of course the technology now is much-farther advanced.
Notice the girl with the slinky to the right of Rocket Man.
Apparently a new trend where you hold hands with someone else and let the slinky walk down your arm over onto the other person's arm. Hmmm. Back in the day we let slinkys walk down stairs!

Lots of "head banging" to the Heavy Bass!
DJ Sloth (USA) putting on a 30-minute set, apparently as a filler, waiting for the headliners to arrive. We had seen Sloth earlier this month when he opened for Morgan Page (USA).
And then at 1:30AM, they finally passed by!
DJ duo Yellow Claw (NL).
And everyone went crazy!
Playing hit "Till It Hurts" early in the set.
Packed to the rafters!
Spotted among the masses: Adriana & Anthony
Most crowded I've ever seen Gilt!
Light show!
Yellow Claw is made up of Jim Aasgier and Nizzle. Bizzey, a third member who had served as MC for the group, is no longer a part of it. The trio had played at EDC-Orlando in 2014.  Blog contributor Patrick Ledbetter interviewed them afterwards here.
I thought they were late because Delta's nonstop from Schiphol was delayed about an hour last night. But they had actually played in Tampa on Friday night, lol.
The first half of the show was more Heavy Bass, the second half more the Trap that they're known for.
With the late start, we only got a 1-hour show.

 Sadly, we did not get the song they're most known for, "Shotgun".
Nonetheless, a good time was had by all!

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