Monday, July 3, 2017

Promo Only Meat & Greet

Dropped in yesterday afternoon on Promo Only's "Meat & Greet" where I spotted this cake sent over to Promo Only world headquarters by Disney.
As the nation's largest provider of music and promotional content for 25 years now, Promo Only offers DJs, radio stations and entertainment venues unprecedented access to the hottest new releases. If you're ever in a club or restaurant and see music videos being played, there's a great chance you'll see Promo Only below the song's title, artist and record label names!
DJ Vitor was in the booth during much of my visit.
He was playing mostly EDM although he did mix it up a bit too.
Who wouldn't love another reunion of clubs Zinc Bar, Cairo & Icon!
The walls of Promo Only studios are a museum of record industry memorabilia!
The front office.
Spotted by the photo wall: DJ Evolv3
Spotted in the studio: DJ David Z
Boy bands too!
And a DJ autograph wall too! Fascinating place to visit and the invitation is appreciated!


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