Thursday, July 27, 2017

CW Update: CityWalk Club Guide

For those that are unfamiliar with CityWalk at Universal Orlando Resort or for those that just haven't been there in awhile, today we're providing this Club Update.  Ironically, there have actually been very few club changes since we started covering CityWalk right after the Pleasure Island clubs closed.
The Groove is CityWalk's largest dance club and you could consider it the anchor. The DJ's have been playing the same music since I started going in 2008 which is basically Top 40, Hip Hop and Line Dances. In fact, some of the same songs I heard last week were the same songs they played in 2008!  Nonetheless, it's fun and it's popular and you can expect a line on weekends.
Red Coconut Club was built to compete with Blue Martini, just with a different hue. It's got a Vegas vibe to the place and the dance floor stays crowded with DJ music of Top 40, Latin, EDM and more. On some nights there is a live band playing Top 40 hits.
Featuring Reggae music from a live band and recorded music between sets, Bob Marley's usually has a line to get in too and remains a popular option.  It also has a restaurant section.
Pat O'Brien's is a small version of its New Orleans namesake and offers similar decor. An outdoor courtyard out back often has DJ's playing while there is an inside bar section and a dueling pianos section. Laissez les bons temps rouler!
Rising Star is an interesting place and I know of no other place quite like it. Yes, it's primarily a Karaoke club but on weekend nights those chosen get dancing girls and a live band to accompany them! I don't quite get it but the place is usually packed! DJ music between band sets consists of Top 40 and Classics.
Margaritaville is a restaurant by day and early evening but as the evening gets later, there is a live band playing Top 40 and Oldies. Occasionally there is an admission charge which is included in the CityWalk Party Pass but most of the time, even when there are cover charges at the other clubs, this one is still free.
About the only significant club change at CityWalk since 2008 was the closing of nightclub Latin Quarter and its replacement with Antojitos, a Mexican restaurant.  Except for private events, there are no longer DJ's spinning in here because sadly it's just a restaurant now.
One more important thing that also has not changed since we first started visiting in 2008: Price! An all-club Evening Pass is still $12.77 and allows you to visit all of the venues mentioned above. You can also still get into a single club for $7.00.  An all-club Pass with a movie at AMC Universal Cineplex is still just $15.98, just like in 2008! (All prices include tax.)  CityWalk is worth checking out!

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