Saturday, July 1, 2017

Club Reports: Independent Bar, The Social

Downtown Orlando and having my first drink of the night at Independent Bar.
DJ Matt in the booth playing Indie as John Gardner was up in Louisville opening up another one of his Barbarella clubs.
Back here in Orlando, the dance floor was a bit spartan at this early hour.
Moving next door to The Social.
DJ Fusion (USA) was in the booth playing House music when I arrived.
He drew a good crowd onto the dance floor!
A long-time veteran of Orlando's dance scene, I first encountered Fusion in 2013 at Firestone for the "Return of the Kings" concert!
A great mix last night of Classic Dance as well as new House music.
Promptly at midnight, DJ Worthy (USA) taking over.
Dance floor action picked-up a bit but never got super crowded.
Doing the bump.
House music all night long.
Spotted in the corner: Blog-favorites CJ & Leah
Spotted along the walkway: Gina
Spotted in VIP: Promoter Kyle Myers and Stacey
Spotted on the balcony: DJ Def Jeff & Christa
Spotted by the bar: Laurie & Leah
Spotted on the dance floor: Maia and DJ Fusion
Spotted on the mezzanine: DJ Richie Rich and Courtney
Spotted by the bar: Rene
Spotted by the bar: Victoria and Christa
Dance floor stayed busy.
People dancing all about the place!
I first encountered Worthy in 2016 at The Hangar in Miami during Miami Music Week when he and DJ Christian Martin (USA) tag-teamed a set.
If I had plans to go anywhere else last night, it never materialized as the music was just too good to leave!
And a good time was had by all!

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