Thursday, February 2, 2017

PI Update: OBJ Article Covers No New Ground

I was really excited when Blog reader Steve P. sent me a link to a new Orlando Business Journal article (link) about The Edison. I thought that someone had finally discovered more information about The Edison, Walt's & Neverland Tunnels.  Sadly, the article pretty much repeats what we have previously published about the project, which isn't all that much.
Peering under the No. 5 Bridge, we see one of the entry points for the mysterious venue. We think the main entrance will be in the middle of The Edison complex so we don't know if this is an alternate entryway or simply a cast member access point.  This view is from below STK.
The Neverland Tunnels project, if that's the name that ends up being used, is located beneath West End Plaza aka Celebration Plaza between STK and The Edison. If you walk off the No. 5 Bridge and onto the Island, you walk right over this hidden area. As a "speakeasy", there would be no signs and you'd simply have to know it's there.

 File photo of West End Plaza sans Comedy Warehouse and prior to the construction of STK.

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Troy said...

There is something curious about the article if you are looking at the blueprints. If you look at the one that shows the, uh, "unknown" part of the building that that looks like a performance area, there's a note toward the bottom right (front of the building) that says "Retail."

With the rest of these rooms being labeled, "Retail" could be a dagger if it's just a store.

Link here: