Thursday, February 23, 2017

PI Update: Edison Blueprints

Earlier this month the Blog talked about an article in the Orlando Business Journal which discussed The Edison currently under construction on the Island. I commented that the OBJ article really didn't cover any new ground; it basically spoke of information we already knew. However, Blog reader Troy pointed out at the time that the OBJ article included some Edison blueprints, something that I had overlooked! So let's take a look at two of them:
CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE First of all, this scan shows the western most section of the venue which is the building located where BET Soundstage used to stand.  We've often referred to this area as a "performance arena" and in another article, we referred to its possible name "Electric Cathedral". This blueprint confirms what we could see from our SkyCam which is that it's a multi-level room with it's "dance floor" on the ground level and a mezzanine area on the top level surrounding it. Bathrooms appear to be on the top level as well.  Keep in mind that this top level is actually the entry level from West End Plaza. The blueprints show that once you come in, you could go down either of two sets of stairs to the "dance floor" below. Spectators can stand on the surrounding mezzanine and observe the action below.  In the lower right corner, we see "Retail" which is likely The Edison Orlando logo store.
Inside the eastern most section of the upper level, this blueprint describes what is there. Again, keep in mind that when this was Adventurers Club, you entered the venue up here and then went down the stairs to the club below.  Here though, we see upstairs rooms labeled left to right as Telegraph Lounge, The Radio Room & The Tesla Lounge.  Can't wait to find out what these are!

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