Monday, February 27, 2017

Club Reports: Stargazers Bar, Planet Hollywood Observatory, STK, Waterview Stage, Waterside Stage

With all the entertainment taking place in Disney Springs on weekend nights, who needs clubs? Coming out of the Lime Garage and running right away into The Strolling Piano!
This remote controlled piano platform glides through the Town Center as the singer belts out Disney songs such as "Let It Go".  Come on, you can't get stuff like this downtown!
The new multi-level Stargazers Bar is now open.
This lounge act on the ground floor was playing Top 40 hits.
Planet Hollywood Observatory is back to having DJ's!
DJ Jazzy Jeff was on the decks playing Top 40.
Of course this is a dining crowd, not a dancing crowd.
With extensive renovations mostly complete, the place is really unrecognizable from predecessor Planet Hollywood.
Two nights in a row visiting STK. The smell of grilling steaks always draws me in!
DJ Luis playing 70's Disco during my visit.  Of course we know Luis from Atlantic Dance Hall.
"Operator, we have a problem. Everyone sitting, no one dancing!"
At the Waterview Stage, Rap Group Freedaps was running a dance contest mixed with their amazing improv humor.  For example, when he noticed that two girls in the contest were coincidentally named Amber, he quickly made an "Amber Alert" joke.
Check this link here for an example of one of their quick-thinking Rap shows!
Over at the Waterside Stage, the Andre Caram Band was playing Top 40 hits!
Featuring charismatic Dance singer Drey-C.
We've been following them since they began performing on Pleasure Island's West End Plaza!
At Disney Springs this weekend, a good time was had by all!


bob said...

Does he really go by the name DJ Jazzy Jeff? He can't use that name!

KingBob said...

LOL.....he does!

ClubMaster said...

Love reading the blog, keep it up Bob.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Yes, but he is the white Jazzy Jeff. He only goes by that name, no advertisements ever saying that Jazzy Jeff is playing at Planet Hollywood

Anonymous said...

Also love the blog