Saturday, February 4, 2017

Club Reports: The Groove, The Patio, Jungle Room, Sideshow, Sly Fox Bar, Aero Bar

Friday night searching the city for some Electronic Dance Music, beginning at The Groove!
Opening DJ Digital playing Hip Hop. Dance floor went from this at 10:55PM..... this at 11:05PM after the headliner came on!
Friday night resident DJ Chino!
It's not tourist season right now but this was a pretty good crowd nonetheless.
He opened with an EDM song so things looked promising but that was followed with 3 Latin songs and then into Hip Hop.
Universal has invested a lot of money back into The Groove during the past couple years and it's looking pretty good!
You can never go wrong with Go Go girls!
Spotted on the dance floor: Disco Duke from 8TRAX
Lots of enthusiasm in the club, but no EDM.  Moving on!
Moving on to The Patio, where they say there's always a party but it's something we have an obligation to verify.
DJ Parry in the booth visiting with friends.
Place was absolutely packed!
Music was Hip Hop though.
And I was searching for EDM!
Spotted in the booth: Blog-favorite CJ
We can confirm that there really is a party at The Patio. But no EDM last night, so moving on.
Located aft behind The Patio is the Jungle Room, formerly Washington Hi-Fi.
DJ Dan-e Crane in the booth playing.....Hip Hop!
Hard to take pics in here due to the glare but it was really packed!
But no EDM so I didn't stay long!
Someone told me I need to say hi to the DJ at Sideshow so that was my next stop.
DJ Exquizite in the booth playing Open Format. But no EDM. Next!
Next stop Sly Fox Bar.
DJ Will B. Geebo in the booth here.
Dance floor had a crowd on board!
Sly Fox is home to this awesome beer can wall!
Spotted on the dance floor: Bishop, Jessica, Bridget, Jen & Shelley
Spotted on the dance floor: Cristine
Music was a mix of Top 40, Breaks & Hip Hop.....but no EDM.  Moving on.
Getting late so time to check out Aero Bar!
Dance floor was jammed here upon arrival!
Resident DJ Cliff-T in the booth playing.....
The peeps want Electronic Dance Music!  Why didn't I think of this in the first place!
The rooftop club delivers such a great atmosphere!
The lasers were flying!
And a good time was had by all!  (Except the bouncer man.)

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