Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Promo Only Meat & Greet 2017

Live from Promo Only studios in Orlando, their Meat & Greet event last night dedicated to delicious BBQ meats and DJ quality chit-chat time! As you probably know, Promo Only is the world's leading packager of music and music videos for DJ's, clubs & restaurants. If you're out somewhere and see a music video playing, there's a great chance you'll see the Promo Only label at both ends of the song!
Grabbing some brisket and checking out the music!
DJ Evan Clark was spinning when I arrived in their studio room.
Being broadcast worldwide on the internet!
DJ Scott King of Disney Springs and Atlantic Dance Hall taking over next!
Over in one of the side rooms, part of an autograph wall that used to be housed in Mannequins' DJ booth! We did an article about this last summer here.
Another DJ group gathered in the warehouse.
Promo Only co-founder and former Mannequins DJ Pete Werner showing off his "bass tube" which he says combines his love for music with his love for fire, lol!  As music is played, compression makes the flames smaller and larger and it goes crazy for Bass & Trap!
In a side office, Promo Only's other co-founder Jim Robinson has displays of Disney pins from his days working there.  So much history here!
Jim tells the Blog that technically he was Pleasure Island's very first DJ, having played from a catwalk there on media day before PI opened!  He says this was prior to the PI Live booth being built.
Spotted: DJ Leony from Red Coconut Club with Dance singer Britt Daley. Britt is most famous for her vocals on Morgan Page's hit "Running Wild".
Spotted: DJ Geebo from Sly Fox Lounge & DJ Rock Johnson of Jungle Room.
Spotted: DJ Ray Love & DJ Ish up front; sorry don't know the others.
Spotted: Mannequins DJ's Dave Cannalte & Pete Werner. Yes, a Mannequins Reunion may be happening in 2017!
Spotted with Pete Werner: DJ Magic Mike, DJ Icey, & DJ Shaolin of Dallas.
Big thanks to DJ Scotty B for the invitation! A good time was had by all!


DJ King said...

Good to see you last night...Thanks for coming out. The Full show can be seen for the next couple of days at

Anonymous said...

Mannequins Pete !!!!

KingBob said...

Good to see you too DJ King!

Yes, Mannequins Pete!