Saturday, January 14, 2017

Concert Report: Igloofest 11 (Montreal)

Who the hell puts on an outdoor DJ concert in the middle of a Canadian winter? Montreal does, that's who! Back for the 11th edition of this event that keeps getting bigger and bigger as word gets out, Igloofest is taking place this year over 4 weekends with each weekend having concerts on  Thursday, Friday & Saturday nights.
There are two DJ stages with the main stage known as the Sapporo Stage after its sponsor Sapporo Beer. Place was already pretty crowded when I arrived around 8PM.
DJ Kris Tin (CDN) was doing some Tech House when I got there.
It was 11F° at the outset but no one seemed to give it a bother!
Beware the abominable snowmen who thrive in this weather!
Over on the alternative Videotron Stage, DJ The Rawsoul (CDN) was pounding out Techno.
Not that many people here as everyone came to see the headliner!
So back at the main stage, just in time to hear him open with his namesake "Oh Yes, Oh Yes"!
The legend, DJ Carl Cox (GB)!
Sold out crowd of around 9,000! And if I understood what I was told correctly, not the first sellout in Igloofest history but the first time it was sold out in advance of the event!
Jammed as far as the eye could see!
Back over to the Videotron Stage to see DJ Miss Me (LAO / B).
Originally from Laos and then Belgium, I believe she's now residing here in Montreal!
Miss Me booming out a techno remix of Donna Summer's "I Feel Love".
Around the Igloofest grounds, ice bars!
Ice sculptures!
Logo store.  No t-shirts but plenty of beanies!
Food is available!

 The bars stayed busy will full-liquor service and plenty of Sapporo Beer tall boys!
OK, as midnight approached, back to the Sapporo main stage!
Now 7F°, no one was leaving!
I came because I've never seen Carl Cox before. His only gig in Orlando was years ago at Senso Supperclub and he's never been back!
Weaving between House, Tech House & Techno, his set mixed songs with and without vocals to great effect!
All with some of that chatter he's famous for!
DJ's view of the crowd below!  Igloofest continues tonight and for the next 3 weekends so check out the upcoming lineups here!
Blog exclusive bird's eye view of the crowd below! Big thanks to Igloofest Relationniste Francois Fournier for the behind-the-scenes tour and DJ access! A good time was had by all!


Anonymous said...

That looks ridiculous!

KingBob said...

It was crazy!