Monday, January 25, 2016

PI Update: Neverland Tunnels Project

A beautiful Orlando afternoon in the 60's, and what better place to spend it than beautiful Pleasure Island!
The Neverland Tunnels project remains cloaked in mystery.
Located directly below West End Plaza / Celebration Plaza, it used to be home to Pleasure Island offices and a castmember snack bar.
There has been no dramatic progress since we posted exclusive pictures last November of the interior showing new electrical conduit and sheetrock.
There has been no official announcement from Disney.  What we do know came from Scott Joseph's Orlando Restaurant Guide last September which stated it will be a bar/lounge for lost boys!  Prior to that the Blog was just referring to the speculative project as "The Tunnels".
View under Adventurers Club (future The Edison Orlando) towards Neverland Tunnels.  We'll continue to keep you apprised and provide the latest photos.


Troy said...

Despite the lack of progress on the Tunnels project, I'm glad to see that it finally looks like some work is being done on the AC. Not sure if "summer 2016" is a realistic goal for the opening of The Edison, but I'll hold out hope!

KingBob said...

Summer, 2016 doesn't end until late September but I don't see any way that it could be opening even by then.