Monday, November 30, 2015

PI Update: AC Mystery Solved?

Last May/June BET Soundstage was razed with nothing left but a pile of sand.  Immediately thereafter demolition of the Adventurers Club building began but instead of taking the entire structure down, all was removed but the metal framework!
In the months since then, the lack of apparent work here led to internet chatter that perhaps the conversion of the building into The Edison Orlando was cancelled!
But the reason that construction has not commenced on The Edison building has to do with what's behind The Edison building.  Yes, The Neverland Tunnels.
Going into the former home of Pleasure Island offices and CM lounge / snack bar, very little is known about the Neverland Tunnels project.  Food columnist Scott Joseph has referred to it as a (hidden) speakeasy.
But while you might think that nothing is going on, construction is taking place. That construction is not at very visible The Edison of course, it's at Neverland Tunnels.
Inward facing sheetrock (aka drywall) is up along with new metal wall framing.
Closer view with new electrical conduit.
And to currently access Neverland Tunnels, we believe construction materials have to be brought in at night via this remaining section of the Pleasure Island Bypass causeway.  Having The Edison construction taking place at the same time would cause difficulties with access to Neverland Tunnels.
Keep in mind that directly above Neverland Tunnels is Celebration Plaza plus the new STK restaurant.  (STK is roughly where Comedy Warehouse used to be.)  If Neverland Tunnels is on Level 1 of Pleasure Island, STK seemingly is on Level 2 & 3.   
This previously published concept art shows that STK has some presence on Level 1, but perhaps not.  And with STK nearing completion, construction access to Neverland Tunnels might not be available from this direction.  So our theory is that The Edison is still coming to the Island but they can't begin until the Neverland Tunnels project is almost completed.  Mystery solved?


Troy said...

Well, that does make me feel a little better about the lack of progress on the Edison. I mean, it isn't the Adventurers Club, but it does look like it could be my new favorite place on the island (based on what I've seen of the LA version). Hopefully all of this begins to take shape soon!

Trick0826 said...

they have built another bridge that is between bridge 5 and the temporary bridge that goes directly to old BET site.

DanB (via email) said...

I saw your post about the Tunnels possibly holding up work on the Edison. You mentioned that they might be bringing in materials using the bypass. Some one just pointed out to me a new bridge to PI between the main bridge and the bypass. This bridge looks temporary and was build in the last few months, so this might be how they are accessing that area.

KingBob said...

Dan, good spot! Ditto Trick0826. I had not seen that bridge when I was out there. That eliminates the need to use the PI Bypass Causeway to access The Tunnels site however I think my theory remains valid that they can't be building The Edison or Walt's until they finish Neverland Tunnels first. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Neverland Tunnels, perhaps the only chance of "nightlife" on the old island???