Saturday, January 30, 2016

Concert Report: Igloofest 10 (Montreal)

Each winter going on 10 years this year, Igloofest in Montreal has brought together thousands of electronic music fans under the stars.  (Although last night it was under the clouds as snow fell!)  Last summer the Blog covered Piknic Electronik, the much-warmer older cousin of this event.  Last night we came back for more.
The main Sapporo Stage around 8PM with just a few hardy souls on the dance floor!
Local favorite DJ Mandiz (CDN) in the booth!
Techno music for the masses!
Although those masses were just beginning to build.  Would this place really get crowded on a cold winter night?  Keep in mind that this is outdoors!
The Videotron Mobile Stage is the second of two stages at Igloofest but it's no less cold!
More Techno from DJ duo Nymra & Sofisticated (CDN).
They are also from Quebec.
Back to the main stage.
Still a little spartan around 9PM but lots of people milling about the grounds.
DJ Heidi (GB) on the decks!
More Techno here too.  It was a Techno night at Igloofest.
Mixed with some House though.
The Montreal skyline was a beautiful backdrop to this event as this is downtown on a pier sticking out into the St. Lawrence River.
By 10PM it was packed!
Besides the two stages, there were food and drink vendors.
Some of them with an ice theme!
Even a slide!
Plenty of costumes such as this group made up of Jean Martin, Carl, Natalie, Steve & David!
Back to the Videotron Mobile Stage.
DJ La Fleur (S) in the house delivering House!
The Swedish DJ turned out to be my favorite of the night!
I like Techno but I like House better!
These people are absolutely crazy to be out here!  Love it!
Back to the main stage for the finale!
Some real old school Detroit Techno from DJ Al Ester (USA)!
Tag teaming with veteran DJ Carl Craig (USA).
A little Motown mixed in there and the crowd was going crazy.....although those tall boy Sapporo's probably had something to do with it too!
Most people in cold areas spend their winters indoors.  Montreal goes outside and dances!  One more weekend and then it's over until next year. At Igloofest, a good time was had by all!

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