Wednesday, September 30, 2015

DTD Update: Name Change Ceremony

Signs on SR400 (I-4) have been changed.
Signs on Disney property have been changed.
And signs in Downtown Disney have been changed.  So it must be.
All we need is a little ceremony.  And that took place yesterday afternoon on Pleasure Island's Waterview Stage.
The MC came on around 5PM to explain why we were all gathered here.
Then Walt Disney World Resort President George Kalogridis, dressed in a gray plaid jacket and light blue dress shirt, spoke a few words.
And with that, the placards which spelled Downtown Disney....
.....were flipped over..... reveal the new name, Disney Springs!  It was awesome!
And George and his entourage went to dinner at Morimoto Asia.
And as the rain began to fall, dignitaries such as these received complimentary Disney Springs umbrellas.  Look for them soon on eBay.
A good time was had by all!


Anonymous said...

"A good time was had by all"

Dunno, looking at those photos it seems like most tourists standing around had no clue what / why "something" was happening and the rest of the bunch were typical middle management just wanting to be "seen" at the latest bru=hah-ha.

Anonymous said...

They're celebrating a name change?

Next week, there's going to be a ribbon cutting on a new sandwich at Earl of Sandwich. And the week after that, the christening of a new dumpster.

KingBob said...

A tourist asked me what was going on and when I explained it was a name-change ceremony, she said "that's it?" and walked away.