Tuesday, January 20, 2015

DTD Update: Water Stages

There rightfully seems to be some confusion at Downtown Disney regarding all the music stages with the word "Water" in them.  So the Blog will take the guesswork out of it and summarize them all for your safety and convenience.  This is the WATERFRONT Stage.  It was located beside Mannequins along the Waterfront.  During the Island's heydays it was home to live bands but in later years stayed empty.  On Final Night in 2008, it played home to two bands of an earlier era, Hip Kitty as well as Frankie & The West End Boys.  After that it remained unused until St. Patrick's Day weekend in 2013 as shown above when it was used for a sound/lighting tech booth for a music stage that had been built next to Mannequins.  This stage has been demolished to make way for the springs of Disney Springs.
This is WATERVIEW Stage, home to the new outdoor performance amphitheater on Pleasure Island.  It's located in an area called Waterview Park. Musical acts here nightly.  Pictured: Drey C and the Andre Caram Band.
Located in Downtown Disney Marketplace, the WATERSIDE Stage is home to evening dance parties as well as high school band and choir performances.  It's the only one with a covered roof and professional lighting.  Performances nightly.  Pictured: DJ Tony Messina
Lastly we have the WATER FOUNTAIN Stage located beside the Earl of Sandwich.  It consists of only a raised platform used by the performing DJ.  Guests dance out in the area that is normally a fountain.  DJ music most nights unless the DJ is at the Waterside Stage.  Pictured: DJ Elliot

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