Saturday, June 27, 2015

PI Update: Springs Everywhere!

Today's article is about the current status of the springs of Disney Springs but we'll begin with this Save Pleasure Island Blog SkyCam view of the East Parking Garage. Because nothing gets car park fans more excited than pictures of parking garages!
Until names are announced, we will call this Western Springs.  They end under the No. 4 Bridge where regular water from Village Lake will lead to the lake itself.
Much like The Waterfront used to do, the springs curve around the Island into this area behind 8TRAX that we'll call Central Springs.
Closer-up view of Central Springs.
Moving further east approaching Raglan Road and T-REX Cafe.
Which leads us to Eastern Springs.
Workers were out in force during my visit.
One can see several of the scenic overlooks being built in this area.  Come out to beautiful Pleasure Island and see it all for yourself!  The springs are going to be pretty awesome!

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