Monday, June 29, 2015

PI Update: New Springs Concept Art

Disney posted new pieces of concept art this weekend along the construction wall near Eastern Springs and Central Springs.  This one seems to be the view from the new No. 2 Bridge looking west towards Planet Hollywood Observatory.  Notice the bubbling springs in certain sections of the water.
One of the bridges crossing the springs of Disney Springs.
Looks like Disney Springs Town Center will be home to new shops Hoffman's and Ivan's.
As well as the Orlando area's first Restaurant.  Does show though that the Town Center side will have at least this one food option and won't be exclusively retail.
A nice look at what is coming next year!


Anonymous said...

Why is the guy from Monopoly in that last photo?

Anonymous said...

Very excited for restaurant and monopoly characters

Anonymous said...

Maybe they're going to have a Monopoly store there!

FN said...

Maybe the message is that "Monopoly is more fun than the future Disney Springs!"

I'm still not seeing, or hearing any leaked information, about any big draws. I think Jock Lindsay's Hangar Bar will do well, it will be a noisy bar/eatery. Let's see how the nightlife shapes up at some of the other venues. I will definitely go check it out, but at this point, haven't heard much about huge multi-visit draws to the place. Let's hope that Disney hits a home run.

Anonymous said...

I think the wardrobe of the people in the pictures speaks to the clientele they are trying to attract with their higher priced stores and restaurants!

KingBob said...

That kind of DOES look like the Monopoly guy, lol!

FN, I've been excited by several announcements so far but overall, not. I'm hoping for some gems to be announced!

Anon at 3:12PM, yes, they want the wealthier folks to be shopping and dining there. They don't want no riff-raft out there.