Monday, June 22, 2015

PI Update: A Look At The Bridges

Last January the Blog visited the then-current status of Pleasure Island's four bridges. The concept art for Disney Springs shows five bridges so let's take a look at them.  Bridge No. 1 connects Downtown Disney Marketplace to Pleasure Island and there are no announced changes. It supports five kiosks that sell things such as shave ice and yoyo's.
Hidden underneath the waters of Village Lake will be kept separate from the waters of Disney Springs.
The all-new Bridge No. 2 is under construction and will cross over the springs roughly where the old Mannequins Bridge No. 2 used to stand, but slightly further east as seen in this exclusive SkyCam shot.
SkyCam perspective shot, connecting Town Center to Pleasure Island near Mannequins.
A closeup of the bridge base on the Island side.
An all new Bridge No. 3 will connect Town Center to Pleasure Island's lower level.  This is located approximately where the former No. 3 castmember-only bridge existed behind Comedy Warehouse.
Perspective shot shows this bridge connecting onto the Island adjacent the new STK restaurant which is under construction there.
The all new No. 4 Bridge appears to be finished and will connect Downtown Disney West Side near Planet Hollywood Observatory and the Orange Garage portal to Pleasure Island's lower level.  It appears that the springs will come to an end under under this bridge with Village Lake water on the near side.
This SkyCam shot from 400' above Pleasure Island shows (top to bottom) the No. 4 Bridge, No. 5 Bridge and the soon-to-be-demolished Pleasure Island Bypass Causeway.
The former No. 4 Bridge is now the No. 5 Bridge connecting the West Side with Pleasure Island's upper level at West End Plaza near The Edison.  It's open but boarded on both sides to keep guests from viewing the construction.


Anonymous said...

Amazing the type of info you cover here.

Jarman said...

Hey man, I would love to comment on your save pleasure island blog but the security things are just too much.

I was selecting salads in pictures - which was absolutely hysterical by the way - i was going around the office asking coworkers which pictures they thought were salads -

But then after I successfully did that the copy the code thing in under two minutes was just too difficult. I couldn't do it with my cracked screen iPhone.

It's like the Olympic trials to leave a comment! :-)

So here was my comment.

I can't wait to walk across and enjoy all these new bridges. Great post!

Two things though:

I think the kiosks should be removed from bridge #1 until traffic flow improves. At the moment it is often a gridlocked mess.

And I am still amazed at the time and effort and $ spent on the bypass causeway only to tear it all down completely.

It seems like at least it partly could be used for something like a seating area or a smoking area or a balloon photo area or something.

Love the blog.


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KingBob said...

Anon, thanks. We aim to please.

Jarman, not sure the problems you're running into but Blogger does require most people to view numbers and then type them in themselves in order to prevent computer Bots from posting messages.

You're right about those kiosks on the No.1 Bridge. That's a huge traffic-choking point. As for the bypass causeway, it was built as temporary from the very beginning. It was well-built though. The general sentiment at the time it was constructed was that had they just built it when the clubs were still operating it would have eliminated the problem with people getting between Marketplace and West Side at night. Now with the Island being full of restaurants, they of course have to remove it since the restaurants are paying to be waterfront.