Thursday, June 18, 2015

DTD Update: Town Center Moving On Up

Nothing gets car park fans more excited than pictures of car parks!  Ground level of the East Garage basically finished so it's time to begin on deck 2.
Closest to the Marketplace, this smaller of the two garages is likely to be the most popular even though it won't offer direct access off I-4.  Won't matter.
The springs of Disney Springs continue to shape-up along what used to be The Waterfront.
Although water under Bridge No.1 used to connect to Village Lake, water used in The Springs of Disney Springs will need to be separate.
One of several shops along the waterway that will have patios overlooking the springs.
Maps show a new No.2 Bridge over the springs roughly in this area but I don't know whether what we see under construction in the center of this picture is that.
I've heard complaints that this project is taking so long.  If you figure that the clubs closed nearly 7 years ago, then yes, this is absolutely ridiculous. But if you measure time only from when Disney Springs was announced, then this project is flying!
Mannequins.  So sad.
While we know that both The Edison and STK will have DJ's at night, no word yet on what Morimoto Asia will offer to patrons after 10PM. This huge operation can't sit empty for three or four hours every night post-dinner service.
The springs as they cross behind Mannequins.
The new No. 4 Bridge connects the Planet Hollywood side of Downtown Disney West Side to Pleasure Island / The Landing's lower level near where STK will stand.
Island's lower level at STK.
One more look down from the Island's upper level.


Anonymous said...

Of course it's taking too long. Look at the way Disney mis-handles projects: close the clubs without a planned replacement, announce Hyperion Wharf and then cancel it, build the high-line structures but change the plans about making them accessible to guests, close off parking lots before parking garages are complete, add loads of traffic to the light by Typhoon Lagoon during roadway construction... Not to mention building pedestrian bridges as a total afterthought (they should have been planned from day one and the first things to open). Now there's rumors about DisneyQuest closing and being replaced with the NBA concept...

The inmates are truly running the asylum.

Anonymous said...

As a continuation from above, I don't expect much from Disney these days, I was a huge fan in the 80's-90's, so it's hard to see the same place that once took risks and had something new every time we came back be so stagnant today. Not expecting Disney to have the place done overnight, but I wish they would follow the Universal method of "under-promise and over-deliver" ... We didn't need a huge reveal about Disney Springs, or a list of vendors or concept art for what's essentially an outdoor mall. Just do things logically (fix parking and roads first, then everything else). Or am I crazy?

Anonymous said...

And open up clubs.

Anonymous said...

Well said! The lack of planning going into this construction / traffic nightmare is simply astounding.

KingBob said...

Well gee, if they did everything right, we wouldn't have needed my Blog!