Thursday, June 25, 2015

DTD Update: Steak & Stores

Recently released concept art for the new STK upscale steakhouse on Pleasure Island shows that it is indeed being built on the edge of the upper section of the Island, just as Comedy Warehouse used to be.  This upper portion faces West End Plaza but there is an entire lower section below.
Construction of the main section whose base is on that lower section of the Island is well under way as seen here from our exclusive Save Pleasure Island Blog SkyCam.
Closer up one can see the construction right now is primarily on the lower section of the Island.
We understand that the lounge in STK will offer DJ music at night just as their New York City location does!
Let's use the SkyCam to show you the latest construction over in the Town Center.
These are some massive retail buildings under way!
We're excited that Japan-based Uniqlo and Spain-based Zara are coming but otherwise we're still waiting for something worthwhile to be a part of the Disney Springs development.
We're hoping that a good time will be had by all!

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