Friday, March 27, 2015

DTD Update: Town Center & Springs Views

North, South, East or West, An Adventurers life is best!  A look at the compass constructed at The Hub intersection on Pleasure Island.  You may recall the Blog publishing Hyperion Wharf plans four years ago when this compass was supposed to be built at the Lily Pad in front of Fulton's.
Well let's take to the air with our official SkyCam and see what's going on at Pleasure Island!
Those pillars way out there represent the beginnings of the new East Garage.
Further west, construction parking and a very dry Planet Hollywood.
Expansion of the World of Disney store is underway.  It will have a new grand entryway facing the Town Center and East Garage.
This large building is the main piece of construction currently taking place in Town Center.  For those new to Save Pleasure Island Blog, we published exclusive Town Center concept art last December here.
That pile of dirt near the bottom is where the No. 2 Bridge near Mannequins used to cross The Waterfront.
A look at West End Plaza.  We're pretty sure now that the STK Restaurant is going to be constructed just beyond that wall in the upper left of the photo.
We're not sure what this is.  It started off as looking like a ramp from PI's lower level to the upper level and it might still be that.
A look at the far east end of the springs of Disney Springs near T-Rex Cafe.
Kind of looks like they've already been testing it.  That white crusty shoreline looks more like something you'd find at a bubbling mudpot in Yellowstone than at a Florida spring but of course this is hardly near completion yet.  The area at the left looks like a scenic overlook.
Ground view of Spring No. 1.
And looking back west towards Raglan Road.
Another apparent spring area.
And another view of the former Mannequins bridge.  :-(


Anonymous said...

How awesome! All that room to build night life! :)

Jeff - Gainesville said...

It's surprising that work has not progressed more than it has in the eighth photo from the top - where CW used to be. Isn't that where the demolition first began (aside from RRBC and Motion coming down)? All part of the process I suppose...

Jeff - Gainesville said...

Love those exclusive P.I. Sky-Cam views btw...

FN said...

Yes, King Bob, your photos are very good!

KingBob said...

Thanks, guys!