Thursday, December 4, 2014

DTD Update: Town Center Concept Art

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE  In addition to the Pleasure Island concept art pieces we published on Tuesday, we were also provided with several pieces of new concept art for Town Center.  I don't believe any of these pieces have been previously published elsewhere.
Looks like an old fashioned but well-maintained downtown.  This is going into the current PI parking lot.  Note the to-be-built East Garage at the upper right.
Looks like it will include the Orlando area's very first Senectus Et Netus store!
Not expecting this area to be open until early 2016....but who knows!


strangeling said...

These are great pics, have not seen them before - thank you for posting these & all the updates!

The Latin nonsense names are kind of funny - "Living Environment" "Old Age Clothes" "Additional Planning" "Sadness" etc. seem to be the translations....

Jeff - Gainesville said...

Kinda looks like the outlet mall just down I-4.

DHass22 said...

Real simple KingBob, any nightlife news on the island? All other information is appreciated, but irrelevant.

KingBob said...

Strangeling, thanks for translating the Latin for us. They could have hidden meeting for real names.

Jeff, agreed. Looks alot like Orlando Premium Outlets - Vineland.

DHass22, no news. Looks like The Edison could be going into the old AC space and The Tunnels under West End Plaza could be intriguing.