Monday, January 19, 2015

PI Update: Who Is Coming To The Springs?

Last week we gave you an update on all of the club buildings.  This week we go across the Island building by building to give you an idea of what is on the way.  We begin our tour at the top of the Island, West End Plaza and move down Hill Street.  First we have this restroom complex which has been closed since early last year.  It's not in the concept art and a new bathroom complex recently opened across the Plaza from it so we have to assume this will be demolished.
We're not sure what is going into the former BET Soundstage building but concept art shows a very art deco looking structure so we're thinking restaurant.  Concept art of the renovated Adventurers Club building shows what looks like a former power plant with tall smokestack so we're thinking that's where Kinetescape Steam & Power dba The Edison is going.  In Los Angeles, it's a restaurant and performance venue.
There's a gap between the AC and Paradiso 37 buildings and we're not sure what is going in there.  Presumably something is because they shaved-off Paradiso's side service patio to open the area up.
Paradiso 37 is getting an expanded waterfront patio.  Concept art shows a modernized front facade facing Hill Street with a possible new main entrance.
We're told The Hanger will be primarily a sports bar with light food available.
The Waterview Stage & amphitheater is already open and operational.
The Boathouse in the corner where Motion used to stand.  Multiple food venues, multiple bars and live music give the place much promise.  In fact, most people's overall opinions on The Landing development will likely hinge on this place.  Remember Splitsville.
OK, back to the top of the Island and working our way down the other side of Hill Street.  We begin at West End Plaza which now sports that railroad locomotive turntable look.  Beyond the wall is a board-covered area that remains a mystery.
We don't know if under here is the entrance to The Tunnels or if the upscale STK Restaurant is somehow involved.
The new railroad-themed restroom complex is next.  We originally thought this was going to be STK but then we got bathrooms only!
As we come down the hill, we believe Art of Shaving is coming in here. Seriously.
SkyCam view of Hill StreetArt of Shaving would be on the right.  The blue building in front of the former 8TRAX is supposedly going to be a Sanuk flip flop store.  There are four retail slots in the next building down the hill, each with more depth as you go down the hill.  Mannequins of course becomes Morimoto Asia restaurant and we don't know if 8TRAX is part of the same restaurant or something else.
The first shop remains boarded up and nothing has been announced.  The second shop and looking to open by mid-February is Sound Lion.  Beyond that wall, the third shop will be Apex by Sunglass Hut International.
The fourth shop, located on the corner, will be Erwin Pearl Jewelry. Across the walkway of The Hub, that green area will house another restaurant.
This new photo shows they're getting ready to begin construction.  It is to be owned by the company that owns Raglan Road. Speculation is that it will be a faster type of food option because everything else on the Island is sit-down.
Across from the Waterview Stage, this new building will house two new venues. Have not seen any permits pulled for either one of them.
Making the turn down into the "Motion Corridor", Chapel Headware is going in here.
And just down from that, Bakery Valentine aka Babycakes.
Directly across the corridor from them, a Havianas flip flop store.
No known changes for Portobello Country Italian Trattoria in the foreground.  Two kiosks have already opened at the Lilypad with two more coming.  There is chatter that Fulton's Crab House will change to a New Orleans theme because of seafood dominating the new Boathouse menu next door. Some concept art shows it with a paddlewheel added to the rear.  And that's what we know!


DJMadManRay said...

Great update Bob! Thanks. It interesting to see what each parcel is becoming, even if it's not what we want.

Jeff - Gainesville said...

Well, when the new mall opens - I mean when the new Landing opens, I hope they don't invest too much in permanent signage for those venues. Seems likely that they will change frequently or not be needed at all..... Thanks for the update and pics!

FN said...

Wow, I can't believe it, this is good news, TWO flip-flop stores! I always wondered what was missing from Downtown Disney, and now I know! So excited. Oh, and the Art of Shaving, wow, this is awesome!!!

jon81uk said...

Although I get that people who miss the clubs at PI can't get excited about stores, the space that the Flip Flop stores are going in always was stores before PI was demolished.
Also better to have something that isn't just more Disney merch you can already find in another park.

FN said...

jon81uk - While I see your point, I think that it is important to differentiate between "mall shops" and "interesting and unique mall shops." If you look at what Universal has done with City Walk in Los Angeles (more intimate and interesting than the Orlando version, in my opinion) you will see what I mean. As a Disney development, and with their higher standards, I am expecting something both interesting and entertaining which is well above typical mall fare. I do recognize that it is difficult to attract interesting and entertaining rent-paying tenants, so this may be just wishful thinking out loud on my part. There will be tweaking over the years ("survival of the fittest" shops, heh...) so it will be interesting to see it unfold and change. The Springs will be around for at least 10 years, so this is not something we'll see the end of soon. Let's hope it's a big hit and that it will offer things which will bring me back over and over again as the clubs of Pleasure Island did. Currently, the only new development to open in 2015 which offers me the prospect of repeat visits will be Trader Sam's Grog Grotto at the Polynesian Resort Village. That venue will offer unique theming and an entertaining experience vaguely similar to the things which drew me back to the Adventurers Club so often. While not a true "craft cocktail" experience, the Grog Grotto will offer better-than-average "corporate" cocktails in a unique setting. It is this sort of thing I hope we will find throughout Disney Springs, otherwise it will just be another mall-type experience. The final test for me will be to see if I will once again drag my friends down there with me to share experiences like I did with the Adventurers Club and some of the other former Pleasure Island venues. Disney has nowhere to go but up with that property, so there must be some "nuggets" in there somewhere.

KingBob said...

Ray: Thanks. It's not what we want.

Jeff: The retail lineup so far is pretty weak. Turnover seems likely. The restaurant lineup is much stronger but I still ask where are all the diners going to come from?

FN, I'm hoping we see some big retail names not already in Orlando coming to the PI parking lot.

Jon81UK, these are new construction retail locations.

Breaking Mad said...

Our event could not have gone more smoothly. Huge thanks to the amazing managers for their consummate professionalism and outstanding hospitality. We look forward to many more NYC events at this lovely place.