Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Remembering "After" The Final Night

After the party ended on that sad Final Night, the Island was never the same again. At Mannequins the "Mannequins Dance Palace" signs that were on the marquee were removed and remained black.  It was not practical to remove the metal or neon signs so they remained.

The Motion sign was completely removed off the front of that club.

8TRAX was painted over but initially it was still possible to see the name through the black.

Paradiso 37 was under construction at the time of the club-closings and was coming regardless of the status of the Island.  It did not replace any clubs.

A look back the other way.  Pleasure Island was quite bleak after the clubs closed down.


Anonymous said...

a terrible decision and I will never forgive Disney for this :(

Anonymous said...

ME either! I have NOT spent a penny on Disney sense sept 27 2008

Anonymous said...

Hopefully Disney will wake up,and make Mannequins, 8-Trax, and even Adventurer's Club back as nightclubs, so people can dance and party.
P.S. Come on Disney,get it together.