Wednesday, September 3, 2014

PI Update: Views From The Ground

Out at beautiful Pleasure Island this past weekend to obtain this photo update for you.  Today we'll see these various views from ground level including the PI arch sign at the No. 2 Bridge.
We'll begin our update tour from this corner across from Mannequins Dance Palace where we can see the front entrance boarded up as the interior is apparently being gutted to make way for a new restaurant.  Also please note in the photo the new shopping complex being built down at The Hub where Apricot Lane and PI Live Bar most recently stood.
A closeup view of those shops.  Note the service entrance included in the new area abutting the Mannequins building.
As you turn left at The Hub and head up Hill Street, one sees the continuation of the new shops directly in front of 8TRAX and in the spot where the former Curl store used to stand.
Labor on Labor Day!
Most recently one could continue up the hill here almost to Adventurers Club but that is now blocked.  With it, Paradiso 37's outdoor dining patio became blocked but in this summer heat, it was pretty much not being used anyway.
Turning right at The Hub, The Boathouse Restaurant under construction roughly where club Motion used to stand.
Multi-level, lots of roof cuts and it sticks out over the waters of Village Lake.
A view from the back side.
Also coming out over the water, The Hangar restaurant.
Nothing new on the exterior if this new building which is located behind where Fuego used to stand.
Dating back to the Hyperion Wharf concept, the Island's main pathway from Marketplace will pass through this enclave behind Raglan Road which used to be the home of a service court.
The Hyperion Wharf plans had that new construction on the right but this other new construction on the left was not in those prior plans.  So that's our ground view update; tune back in tomorrow morning as we take to the skies with air photos from our exclusive SkyCam!


EasyEddy said...

not one single dime .... unless they include nightlife in the plans.

Anonymous said...

God help me if they turn Mannequins into a restaurant I'm going clip up my annual pass.

KingBob said...

EasyEddy, there will be nightlife. There HAS to be if all these new dining venues expect to survive. Except at holiday peaks, there are just not that many mouths to feed!

Mannequins is definitely a restaurant, per the permit they filed with Orange County. The big question is, what happens to the revolving dance floor? We can hope that it remains and comes alive after 10pm! We can hope!

Anonymous said...

KingBob, could you re-post that permit? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

as I recall back in 20?? a permit for Mannequins was on it? BUT nothing was done! again I say means nothing till it happens

KingBob said...

Anon at 9:14am, you can find the Permit in this March blog article along with a link to the Orlando Business Journal which broke the story:

Anon at 12:30pm, there have been several permits for Mannequins over the years but this one has the Patina Restaurant Group leasing Mannequins and 8TRAX for a restaurant (or two?)