Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Norwegian's Night Out

Second night on board Norwegian Breakaway headed to BDA. This was the night of their event called "Norwegian's Night Out".  It's another party for everyone and took place at their outdoor party venue Spice H2O located aft on Deck 16!
DJ Keith (RP) was back on the controls starting the night with two 50's songs, two 60's songs, a whole bunch of 70's and 80's before going contemporary.
And with around 40 cruises under my belt, the first time I've ever had a Cruise Director named Julie! (CDN) You have to be a bit older to get that reference.
The entire area becomes a dance floor and since you're partying with a bunch of people you're not likely to ever see again after this week, people really let loose.  Mixed drinks were around $7 and were double-sized and strong!
On this NYC-based ship, our own version of the Rockettes!
A good time was  had by all!


Anonymous said...

Love Boat!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully that Julie doesn't get thrown off the cruise line because of cocaine use

KingBob said...

I think she's safe!