Saturday, September 6, 2014

DTD Update: Car Parks & Food Truck Parks

Everyone's clamoring for Car Park pictures so while I was flying high above Downtown Disney this past week I obtained these for our readers.  This is Disney Springs' new West Garage.

The eastern end of the new garage.

Since we last visited a few weeks ago, new decks added to the center section.  Looks like maybe one more deck to go here.

And the western section.  My Characters In Flight pilot confirmed that Disney is trying hard to get this open for the upcoming holiday season.

At the Food Truck Park, construction is creeping along much slower.

Really can't tell what they're doing in here. The new "High Line" is at the top of the photo.

This single section of "High Line" at the new Starbucks has been topped-off with plants.  Not sure why they decided to have this section curve.  Presumably had it been straight like the other sections, one could envision a time in Disney Springs' history when the train that operated on top of this went over the No. 4 Bridge to Pleasure Island and the track met up with that new turntable we posted this past Wednesday.  But now it curves towards Village Lake. Will have to wait and see what back story they give to explain this.


Anonymous said...

More "Random" high-line and train tracks.

Jeff - Gainesville said...

Guess we will have to wait and see the whole thing when it is finished to see if it makes MORE sense. Anxiously waiting that.....

Ace said...

I've seen several quick mentions here of "back story." Wasn't there some information that came to light a few years ago which indicated that Disney no longer required Imagineering to provided detailed and tightly-integrated backstories? Specifically, back stories of the kind that accompanied Pleasure Island. I recall that a previous leadership team (perhaps under Mike Eisner, or Marty Sklar) were adamant about good backstories.

Anonymous said...

Not PI related but Ride the Comix is closing at DisneyQuest to add more seating space.

Anonymous said...

Ten years ago Down Town Disney, and Pleasure Island rocked.
Now it's pretty pathetic to see how everything is torn up.
Hopefully after 10:00 pm they'll have some night life for adults, so they can party.