Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Downtown Update

Back in May we reported on the closure of Wall Street Plaza bars One Eyed Jack's and Loaded Hog and speculated that the side-by-side venues would be combined into one.  That is indeed the case and their replacement is open for business as Sideshow. I didn't go inside but I heard Hip Hop music from the street but did not see a DJ. Their website describes it as such:
Sideshow brings new attitude to Wall St.’s family…It’s place your mother warned you about, where anything can happen. We offer food, drinks, music and unusual nights seven days a week. Here at Sideshow, we celebrate the oddities and the curiosities but always in a welcoming and lively setting.
Wet your whistle…stuff your face…or get your Freak On!
It all happens at Sideshow.
Bar-BQ-Bar is now closed and being cleared out. The lease being taken over by owners of The Beacham / The Social, supposedly the venue will reopen as Old '64 and keep the existing format. Dance club Eye Spy also closed this weekend and will reopen as Spy Bar, according to Orlando Weekly.
The OW article also said that Sky 60 was going to reopen as Sky Bar but apparently that's not the case as the new name will be Aero.  LOL...."formerly", not "formally"!
Finally, we never did do a report about dance club Dragon Room closing and reopening at Schumann's Jager Haus.  Lots of renovation took place to give it a heavy timbered Germanic look with a new, really nice bar.  But everytime I've been by I see very few customers in there. It's definitely not a dance club.


Anonymous said...

still feels like people throwing stuff against the wall to see what sticks. if you had people with real experience running a bar/club down there..i doubt you'd see this much turnover.

KingBob said...

In the past couple years downtown has added several places that seem to be doing well and several that have already gone bust. A few places have gone the restaurant with DJ route but I don't see long lines waiting to get in. Long needed refreshments of SkySixy, Bar-BQ-Bar and Eye Spy should strengthen already popular venues. As for Sideshow, I read their own description of the place and it does not tell me, the customer, what niche they expect to fill.

Anonymous said...

but this has been going on for years! the club/bar turn overs!
FLY BY NIGHT as I say! to me it's open make money get out/sell off!