Friday, September 12, 2014

Concert Report: Lily Allen (House Of Blues)

Blog contributor Art (Mans Week) was out at House of Blues in Downtown Disney West Side this past Wednesday night for the concert by Pop/Dance singer Lily Allen (GB).  He has been gracious enough to share pictures and content with the Blog!
Per Art, she wore three outfits; an American flag jumpsuit first, dress with baby bottles next, pink gown last.
Show started at 9pm sharp she opened with the title track off the new record "Jeezus". The set was heavy on songs from the new record including "URL Badman" and "L8 CMMR". Her breakout hit "The Fear" came halfway through the set and she closed with the crowd pleaser "Fuck You".
 She joked a lot with the crowd, talked about her kids and her husband and how she misses them, but she is happy to be back on the road after taking nearly 5 yrs off to start a family.
You can never go wrong with Go Go girls.  Art says there were four dancers that came out periodically, the lights were impressive, and her voice was incredible, dead-on, strong and I did not hear a sour note.
Baby bottles were the theme all evening!
The pink gown to close things out.  And yes, those are Mouse ears!  The encore was the first single from the new record, the smash "Hard Out There for a Bitch" complete with a wardrobe change and go go dancers. She closed the night with her very first single from 10 years ago "Smile".  The entire show was 80 minutes. Art says DTD parking is a problem (even on a Wednesday night) and he almost missed the start!
Crowd responding in kind to initial closing song "Fuck You", Art says a good time was had by all! Big thanks to this great report from Art!!


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I like her style. I will have to check her out on YouTube.