Sunday, June 1, 2014

Concert Report: Above & Beyond (Sound Academy - Toronto)

Located out in Toronto's wharf district on Lake Ontario, there are no signs that tell you this abandoned warehouse with piled-up mattresses in one of the windows is also the location of a world-class nightclub!
But step inside and you're immediately confronted with the reality that is Sound Academy, Toronto's new large room dance club that is taking over for Koolhaus at The Guvernment, the venue that is closing so that it can be turned into condos and office space!
The Guvernment's resident DJ Mark Oliver (CDN) opening the night with 2.5 hour set.
The 10:30pm crowd was moderate but already-dancing!
And coveted front row spots were quickly taken.
Oliver was mixing House, Deep House with the theme of the evening, Trance!
And by 12:30am, the massive dance floor was packed as far as the eye could see.
And then it was time for what everyone was waiting for: Above & Beyond (GB)!
With Tony & Jono, two out of the three of the DJ trio appearing!
Many songs appeared with graphics of the song name which is an awesome idea, or with a video accompanying the song!
Current hit "Sticky Fingers" getting played just 20-minutes into the program!
Hard to get pictures in the darkness and haze.
The look of Trance!
Canadians know how to party!
The look of Trance.
Paying homage to the closing Guvernment!
Jammed all the way to the rear.  Could not even see the DJ's from back here yet everyone paid C$70-100 for their tickets.
Other tracks played included 2012's "Black Room Boys" and "Alchemy" along with 2013's "Walter White". 
Spray down!  (Actually, spray up.)
Big hit "A Thing Called Love" was played around 2am.
And in Toronto last night at Sound Academy, a good time was had by all!

 Tony visiting with my Toronto peeps after the show!


DJMadManRay said...

Great post! Wish we could have really been there.. but, thanks for taking us.

KingBob said...

My pleasure!

Jzk said...

Best show i've been too and I've been to a lot

amazing time

We need a bigger venue!

KingBob said...

Jzk....Toronto needs a bigger venue? Sound Academy is plenty big.

But I acknowledge it was packed all the way to the rear wall for Above & Beyond!