Tuesday, July 23, 2013

PI Update: New Bridge To Pleasure

Yesterday we showed you the demolition walls that are up on Pleasure Island.  Guests will be able to traverse the Island during much of the demolition and construction but apparently at some point that is going to become unsafe so plans are in place to build a temporary bridge from Downtown Disney West Side to Pleasure Island at the mouth of the Waterfront.  Floaters have been installed to keep any pollution reigned in.
File photo of a Village Lake river otter (center) playing under the tree adjacent BET Soundstage. They're sooo cute!
Will this temporary bridge go directly across the Waterfront entrance from here to Soundstage?
Or will it be a floating bridge that somehow connects to the other side?
Presumably a direct bridge could connect to that existing but narrow walkway that runs behind Soundstage.
And then travels at ground level behind Adventurers Club.
But that ends at the bottom here and would require the use of these pictured stairs that run between AC and Paradiso 37.  What about all the strollers?  Is that really the plan though or are we misunderstanding this?


Ken said...

Here is a youtube video link that was uploaded recently showing pretty much what you had already shown as pics with descriptions:


The Downtown Disney parking options have greatly decreased.

Jeff - Gainesville said...

Strollers aside, what about handicapped people? No way a wheelchair is going through that part beside Paradiso. I'm guessing they have something else in mind.

Anonymous said...

Comedy Warehouse is being demolished currently! They just began tearing it down earlier today.

KingBob said...

Jeff, strollers and wheelchairs could be forced to go around PI along the parking lot sidewalk if the Island itself can't be accessed.

Ken, thanks for posting that very fresh video. Yes, that's what it looks like down there on the Island.

Yes, Comedy Warehouse demo has begun. Will have a few pics posted Wednesday morning.

Anonymous said...

If they'd built a bridge around five years ago, we could've avoided all the tumbleweeds in the first place.

Anonymous said...

this proves this could have been the answer. but Disney wanted PI to close. in the long run if Disney really cared about PI Disney would have had ads out there for the place! A lot more then then there was!

KingBob said...

Yes, Disney wanted PI to close, that's pretty apparent. And there really already was a pathway around it. We'll have an article about this in the near future.