Monday, July 29, 2013

PI Update: Construction & Demolition

Tomorrow on SPI Blog we will talk about the new Downtown Disney Guidemap and what it means.  But today we'll just give you an update on all the excitement taking place on the Island of Pleasure.
This is the site of the new supposedly temporary bridge from Downtown Disney West Side to BET Soundstage Club.  The bridge will allow pedestrians to bypass the current No. 4 Bridge when demolition or construction gets too close to the current pathway to be safe.
And construction of the bridge has begun, with pilings installed at the mouth of The Waterfront and a bridge deck being set on top of it.
To be named the Kevin Lansberry Memorial Bridge, pedestrians will pay a 25¢ toll to cross, 20¢ with SunPass.  (Just kidding folks!)
Demolition of Comedy Warehouse continues.
There has been some chatter about whether the entire building is coming down or just part of it but as far as we know, the whole structure is coming down.

Close-up view of what's been demolished so far.
Over in the "Seed & Mulch" area of the Island where RRBC used to stand, a shipment of demolition/construction walls are ready to use.  We know that Fuego by Sosa Cigars is supposed to be closing next so let's hope the walls are going there, not to Mannequins!
A few walls are in place along The Waterfront behind 8TRAX.
A covered fence has been installed around Parking Lot H.
The DTD side of the lot is being used for construction staging while the Buena Vista Drive part of the lot is being used for bus parking.

Lots I, J & K were supposed to close last Monday so they could begin construction of the first of two parking garages.  They were still in use yesterday.  Once closed, parking will be tight on the eastern end of DTD but there's plenty of parking next to and beyond Cirque.
When I asked a CM about this construction zone in the former grassy area next to Cirque du Soleil, he told me it was going to be a building for Imagineers.  We'll see.


Anonymous said...

Im still in shock that they actually really do seem to be going ahead with it all this time.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. It looks like they're serious this time.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't help but notice the side door into Mannequins was open.

Anonymous said...


KingBob said...

Well they're building a bridge. We've yet to see anything new on Pleasure Island since Paradiso 37 opened in 2009. There's been plenty of demolition though.

I don't think the Mannequins door is actually open. More of an illusion from the angle and color. I'm sure I would have noticed it open since I was standing right there!

I went back to the original picture and zoomed in as best as I could but could not tell whether it was open or closed. Keep in mind that picture was taken over the top of a construction wall which blocks access to that area completely.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if that was the side door they were referring to. It might have been the one on the opposite side.

Anonymous said...

WHAT DOOR? either door was open! BUT here we go again! there is NOTHING INSIDE! all gone! nothing to see here move along. and yes IF it was open I am sure kingbob would have gotten pics!?

KingBob said...

Anon at 8:32pm, I assumed he was talking about the door in the picture published in this article. It does have a partly propped open look to it but again, I think it's the angle.

Anon at 11:55pm, you can't see it but that photo was taken "over" a construction wall. Even if the door was wide open, could not have gotten to it as that whole section is blocked by a wall.

71 said...

"Kevin Lansberry Memorial Bridge." Oh, I have a feeling that name's gonna stick ...