Thursday, July 4, 2013

Concert Report: AAHZ Legacy (The Beacham)

So we returned to the land of AAHZ one final time last night, the 5th or 6th reunion event and possibly the best of the bunch!
Led by the original wizards of AAHZ, DJ Chris Fortier.....
DJ Dave Cannalte.....
and of course, DJ Kimball Collins!
The lighting and sounds systems were the best!
And we're told the club reached capacity, even with walk-up prices of $35.
The music an assortment of original (as in older) music one would have heard at AAHZ back in the day.
The crowd too was an assortment of original (as in older) people that one would have seen at AAHZ back in the day!
Spotted: DJ The Reverend (Funky Monkey), Dana (Stella Luca) & DJ Smilin' Dan (Independent Bar).
Spotted: DJ Rob-E (Firestone Live, Suite B Lounge)
Spotted: DJ's Security (Firestone Live, Suite B Lounge) & J-Dub (Vixen Bar, Thee Grotto).
People had to dance where they stood as it was next to impossible to move around. My favorite song of the night, Rozalla's "Everybody's Free (To Feel Good)".  It's a significant song in that it was the final song ever played at Mannequins.

An unexpected visit from Sam Mollison, delivering us some Vocal House! 

Kimball Collins is a resident DJ at Q-Bar in Bangkok, Thailand.

 He's certain to return again, just not doing an AAHZ-themed concert.  He says he didn't want AAHZ Reunions to last more years than AAHZ itself.
And as AAHZ's original Stace Bass danced on the floor with the common folk, a good time was had all!

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