Sunday, July 7, 2013

Club Reports: Vixen Bar, Thee Grotto, Independent Bar

Ok, starting things off on a Saturday night at Vixen Bar, part of the V-Group trio that includes neighboring Vintage and The Fifth. (Not sure what happened to the Latin club that was supposed to open upstairs.)
Funkbaby (NLP, Suite B Lounge, Peacock Room) working the decks when I arrived!
Just a few people on the forward dance floor but lots of people aft.
Club owner and DJ Justin Faze taking over about 11:30pm.
Light show to go along with the Breakbeats.
And veteran DJ Si-Dog Silas (Dog Eat Dog Records) arriving before midnight for his later set!  Unfortunately had to miss that as it was time to be moving on to......
Thee Grotto, again.  Just my third visit ever but second visit in two nights!
DJ Jeffee (right) finishing up a set of Jungle & Ragga off vinyl and turning the controls over to the "King of the Beats", DJ/Producer Aphrodite (GB)! 
And he took things up a crazy notch with a set of very hard-driving DnB!
The club was packed!
The music whipping many into a literal frenzy!
Aphrodite has been in the business for years which explains.....
.....the somewhat older nature of the crowd assembled to watch the show.  Very impressive though and it's great to have Thee Grotto added as another local EDM option.
Over to Independent Bar to wrap up the night.
DJ Dem Rock (Thee Grotto) was in the booth playing 80's New Wave with a harder edge than we typically hear here!
The club was Saturday night jammed!
Saturdays are very much all-ages!
Spotted: Hanging out in VIP, DJ Kimball Collins (AAHZ, Qbar-Bangkok) with some of his adoring fans!
Spotted: DJ Indie John (Independent Bar) with cover girl CJ.
And a good time was had by all!

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