Tuesday, May 22, 2012

"Flash Mob" Dancing at DHS

Disney continues to demonstrate the importance of dance music to their clientele.  We've seen the dancing at Magic Kingdom with their Stitch's Club 626 Dance Party and their recent leap year One More Disney Day All-Nighter Party, we've seen the huge dance parties they throw on New Years Eve at EPCOT.  Yesterday afternoon I was out at Disney Hollywood Studios and got to watch them put together a "Flash Mob" dance party.  Everyone interested was invited out onto Hollywood Blvd to learn the simple dance moves they'd use a little bit later.
When everyone was ready, they cleared the street and had everyone wait on the sidewalks. Lights, Camera, Action was then announced!
And back onto the street they went and into their moves.  Meanwhile a whole set of other people who had arrived onto the street later and were not aware of the event watched as what appeared to be a flash mob performed!
It was clever and a lot of fun!  Dance music lives at Disney!
Meanwhile off in the distance, in the place where Dance music actually belongs, nothing!


Anonymous said...

Wait...Disney is creating a flash mob of willing guests? So essentially, guests are providing free entertainment for Disney?

KingBob said...

No, I think it's Disney guests providing entertainment for themselves and others.

Doug said...

if everyone in the area knows about it.. then it isn't a flash mob..

People are so ignorant.

KingBob said...

Only the people who were there for the practice know about it. After the practice everyone involved goes back along the sidewalk and waits.

Soon hundreds of other people just walking coming out of the shops and side streets randomly are there and know nothing about it.

They witness the music starting and hundreds of others walk out into the street and start dancing. It's very contrived, but it is a flash mob.