Sunday, May 13, 2012

Club Reports: Suite B Lounge, Bliss Ultra Lounge, Vixen Bar

A little downtown Orlando club-hopping on a Saturday night looking for EDM.  First and last stop Suite B Lounge which always knows how to mix things up!
Opening DJ Robb Blak (Orlando Trance Movement, Bikkuri Lounge) playing something between Chill and Progressive House!  He reports their Trance sessions at Bikkuri will now take place on the last Friday of each month.
Legendary Tampa DJ Brad Smith (Parthenon, Luna Lounge) playing a more familiar Vocal House mix for part of his set!
DJ Sisco (Jackson's - Tampa) batted cleanup and closed out the night with more Progressive and what I would call Electronica.
There was a decent crowd on hand but nothing like we see in here some nights.
Some people were dancing, some people were just visiting.
Bliss Ultra Lounge is the home of the best Dance music in Orlando on Saturday nights!
DJ Mickey Bono (Beat Thrillerz, K5, Vain, Lyrica, on the boards with a great Dance/House music mix!
The dance floor was just beginning to get some use during my visit.
But Bliss too was overall surprisingly empty for a Saturday night. Maybe everyone went home to visit their mothers!
Vixen Bar is no stranger to Electronic Dance Music.
The NLP group of DJ's were in the house last night including DJ J-Dub!
And this place was jammed for the mostly Breakbeats!
The small dance floor stayed pretty jammed!
DJ Matrix taking over the booth.
Some more Mannequins people!  A good time was had by all!

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